For the last few years the Black Friday sales have been taking over the internet and so this year I’ve decided to put together some fabulous deals that writers are going to love.

So first of all, what is Black Friday?

Growing up in Australia, Black Friday always just meant Friday the 13th to me, but when referring to Black Friday sales this is not the case. Black Friday in this context is the day following Thanksgiving in the US (the fourth Thursday in November) and the reason there are so many sales is because it marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The term Black Friday for the day after Thanksgiving was supposedly coined by police in Philadelphia as the sales meant traffic jams, crowds and other problems (including crazed shopper violence).

If you’re like me and are completely sceptical of deals (and the above video is something from your nightmares) then stick with these 7 incredible Black Friday sales specifically for writers—which you can buy from the safety of your own home.

#1 Audible

It took a little coaxing for me to buy my first audiobook but since I did I am a true convert. I often don’t get as much reading done as I would like and audiobooks mean I can listen to books on the go. Audible always have fabulous Black Friday deals where you can stock up on your listening list for the next year.

#2 Finish Your Damn Book Course via AppSumo 

This is definitely a course I am going to buy this Black Friday. AppSumo basically research the most innovative, creative and practical stuff out there and bring it to you directly and affordably. Finish Your Damn Book got a 4.5/5 taco rating from the Sumos and they are an incredibly discerning bunch (as well as a little obsessed with Mexican food).

#3 Barnes and Noble 

The eponymous bookstore are having a Black Friday weekend sale with an additional 30% off your choice of any item. The online sale begins 26th to 29th November.

#4 Woothemes 

If you’re looking to start a blog or a website you can’t go past a WordPress CMS and Woothemes is the perfect place to get your theme. By using the coupon code blackfriday2013 at the checkout you can get 35% off all themes, extensions and plugins.

Why not just use a free WordPress platform I hear some of you ask? There are many reasons (a blogs worth in fact so stay tuned!) but 2 main ones include being able to use your own domain and increasing traffic to your site. And while you might need a little help setting up a CMS, once it’s done, uploading content and updating plug ins are so easy, I could probably train Brielle to do it—if her paws could type that is.

#5 Book Depository

Book Depository have a whole Black Friday Deals week which began on 23rd November and will run until the 30th. That coupled with their free worldwide shipping policy makes this one a no brainer.

#6 Udemy Writing Courses 

Udemy is a platform for online learning where experts of any kind can create courses to offer to the public. There are a lot of great writing courses on Udemy just make sure you check their rating before you buy.

#7 Amazon 

Simply because you can never have too many books.

Are there any great Black Friday deals for writers that you know about? Make sure you tell the rest of us about them in the comments.

Krystina Pecorari-McBride

Krystina Pecorari-McBride

Krystina is a writer, lawn flamingo enthusiast & founder of Writing Journey Co. She would love to fall headfirst into a book and live there. Or down the rabbit hole...

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