I’m Krystina Pecorari-McBride, a reader, writer, lawn flamingo enthusiast and founder of Writing Journey Co.

I’d spent my life waiting for an adventure – preferably falling headfirst into the pages of a novel or down the rabbit hole – but all that happened was, well, nothing.

Sick of waiting I decided the time had come to take drastic measures. I packed a suitcase of books (and chocolate), quit my job, and took a leap of faith, setting out on my writing journey full time. And it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!

But it hasn’t been easy

While they are the most awesome adventures you can have, writing journeys can also be the loneliest and the toughest. You’ve got to sail blind over oceans of words and then machete your way through the overgrown jungle of your work (which by the way seemed amazing when you wrote it – so how did it get like this?!). You’re constantly battling the demons of your inner critic, all the while scaling Mt Everests of rejection.  And you have to do this ALL ON YOUR OWN.

That’s why I started Writing Journey Co 

Along with my trusty sidekick, Brielle (she’s the pretty, caramel corn coloured one) we’ve created a place you can come to share in other writers’ experiences.

Our blog

Gives you an eclectic mix of stories from writing tips, to our favourite reads as well as lists that are mostly just a compilation of pretty pictures and puns. We’ll also share with you the writing resources that we can’t live without.

Our YouTube videos

Are all about exploring writing, reading and other neat stuff that finds itself under the umbrella of book geekery.

On the podcast

You’ll hear from inspirational writers who’ve made it. They’ll tell us how their journeys unfolded – the mistakes they made and the road they travelled to success.

Together we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll dump our work in the trash and then frantically recover it. We’ll find inspiration in each other’s journey and map out our next move before hitting the road again. Because let’s face it – we love every minute and even if we wanted to stop, well, we just couldn’t.