It seems everywhere I look I see beards. In the media, on tshirts, even on babies. While some scientists and fashion commentators claim society may have reached ‘peak beard’, there is no doubt that bookish ones will reign eternal.

Here’s 10 of my favourite fictional characters who rock indomitable whiskers.

#1 Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)

With a beard as impressive as his wisdom it’s no surprise that Gandalf tops most beardy lists. Also impressive is the fact it turns silver just before he fights Saruman – who sports an equally extraordinary soup catcher.Wizard Gandalf Lord of the Rings

#2 Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Another wizard, but with a beard no less luxurious than his predecessors’. In fact I’m betting ‘Dumbledore’s beard!’ is the new expression of amazement in the wizarding world.Michael-Gambon-half-blood-prince

#3 Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter)

I know, another Harry Potter reference – but I couldn’t go past this half giant’s beard of epic proportions. It’s so thick and bushy it can hide as many treasures as the pockets of his moleskin overcoat.

Hagrid from Harry Potter

#4 The Dwarves (The Hobbit)

The kings under the mountain do indeed sport luxurious whiskers. Unfortunately they don’t do much in the way of protection against dragon fire.
The Hobbit

#5 Bluebeard or La Barbe Bleue (Bluebeard)

Perrault’s villain in his folktale of the same name, Bluebeard, although wealthy, is shunned because of his ugly, blue facial hair. Eventually, after throwing an extravagant banquet, he convinces a young girl to marry him. She soon discovers his secret which is much more heinous than his facial hair.Barbebleue

#6 Khal Drogo (A Song of Ice and Fire series)

Horses, Khaleesi and hair are the Khal’s thing. He makes this list with his long mustachios (I love this word!) which in addition to his beard and thigh length, bell braided hair symbolises his status amongst the Dothraki and his standing as an undefeated warrior.
Game of Thrones

#7 Mr Twit (The Twits)

A villain born from Roald Dahl’s desire to ‘do something against beards’, Mr Twit’s facial hair is far from glamorous and rather unhygienic. It nearly covers his entire face and he uses it as a pantry for morsels of sardines, stilton cheese and corn flakes – then snacks on them later.
Mr Twit by Quentin Blake

Getafix (Asterix)

The old druid from the comics has no doubt been dipping into his hair growth potion supplies.Getafix from Asterix comics

Beppo (Beppo: A Venetian Story)

Byron’s lengthy Venetian poem tells the story of Laura who’s husband, Beppo has been lost at sea. When Laura and her new beau attend Carnevale she is closely watched by a man she takes for a Turk because of his beard of ‘amazing growth’. Turns out it’s her long lost husband who, with his facial hair didn’t even need a mask to hide his identity. Laura returns to Beppo after telling him what she really thinks of his new look.Carnevale

#10 Master Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

The Turtles’ sensei sports a rad moustache and goatee – perfect for twirling when delivering ninja pearls of wisdom.TMNT Splinter

So who do you think has the best bookish beard? Did we leave anyone off the list? Let us know your favourites in the comments section below.

Krystina Pecorari-McBride

Krystina Pecorari-McBride

Krystina is a writer, lawn flamingo enthusiast & founder of Writing Journey Co. She would love to fall headfirst into a book and live there. Or down the rabbit hole...


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