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What to do when NaNo is over

Last Tuesday there was a collective sigh from writers all over the world. NaNoWriMo had come to an end and most of us survived—even if we were presenting with symptoms of zombification.

I know not everyone reached the 50,000 word mark, but that’s ok because the most important thing is you began. Facing the blank page is always the toughest part.

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blackboard and rules writers should unlearn from school

School is where we learn the foundations of writing. We learn spelling, grammar and the technicalities of putting a sentence together. But do we learn how to be good writers? Probably not. So I’ve put together 10 rules writers should unlearn from school.

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man with a megaphone

A couple of months ago I spent 4 days inside the walls of the Novotel in Homebush (Sydney), locked away with around 380 women with one thing on their mind: romance. Or, to be more specific, romance writing. The event was the annual Romance Writers of Australia Conference and I came away, my head buzzing with information, my fingers itching to type and one topic at the forefront of my mind – how I found my writing voice.