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New Year's fireworks over Sydney Harbour and opera house

I used to think anyone who made New Year’s resolutions or goals they actually kept deserved a medal. But now I’m not so sure. Now I think anyone can do it—the problem for most of us is we sail into the new year with unrealistic expectations of ourselves and when we fail to start achieving we become disillusioned and give up all together. And it’s all because we place the focus on outcomes (eg I’m going to finish a novel) rather than aiming to change our behaviours gradually and meaningfully so we create good habits. That’s why we need to set realistic actionable goals in the first place. So here are some of mine for 2016.

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Recently, I’ve had a few people email to ask what inspires me to write. I think it’s an important question because there’s always moments when we, as writer’s, want to give up, when we think our muse has abandoned us. During these moments we need to fall back on some tried and true ways to get our inspiration back.

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Wile e coyote blowing himself up with dynamite

I never used to believe in writer’s block when I wrote only for myself. But when I started writing for others, when I began getting paid for my words I encountered my first bouts of the syndrome. Most often my writer’s block is caused by the pressures I put on myself to create. Luckily I’ve found 10 dynamite ways to blow up the barrier to my creativity.

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pop art brains

I for one have always been curious about what’s actually going on inside my brain when I’m writing – no doubt a symptom of watching too much BrainCraft. And I’m not just talking about wondering where my crazy thoughts come from or about the massive headache I get when something just isn’t working either – I mean scientifically. And then yesterday I happened to stumble upon this infographic on Pinterest and couldn’t help but share this post about the impact writing and reading have on the fleshy matter inside your skull – because it’s pretty amazing.

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man with a megaphone

A couple of months ago I spent 4 days inside the walls of the Novotel in Homebush (Sydney), locked away with around 380 women with one thing on their mind: romance. Or, to be more specific, romance writing. The event was the annual Romance Writers of Australia Conference and I came away, my head buzzing with information, my fingers itching to type and one topic at the forefront of my mind – how I found my writing voice.