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Wile e coyote blowing himself up with dynamite

I never used to believe in writer’s block when I wrote only for myself. But when I started writing for others, when I began getting paid for my words I encountered my first bouts of the syndrome. Most often my writer’s block is caused by the pressures I put on myself to create. Luckily I’ve found 10 dynamite ways to blow up the barrier to my creativity.

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writing journey co pinterest page

I’ve always collected images, information and articles to inspire and inform my writing – the only problem was organisation. I used to have scrapbooks, magazines, documents with lists of links and all kinds of visual clippings clogging up my office and my desktop. And when I wanted to use something again – I could never find it! That is, until I started using Pinterest. Pinterest makes it easy for writers to discover, sort, store and streamline digital versions of their inspirations – meaning you have more time to write – and therefore become a better writer. Here’s how.