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golden retriever with headphones on podcasting

I’m addicted to podcasts. I listen to them in the car and on the train. I fall asleep with my headphones on. And as I’ve been promising to release the Writing Journey Co podcast for about a year now (and still haven’t launched) I thought I’d put together this list of writing related radio shows that you can cut your teeth (ears??) on in the meantime.

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Recently, I’ve had a few people email to ask what inspires me to write. I think it’s an important question because there’s always moments when we, as writer’s, want to give up, when we think our muse has abandoned us. During these moments we need to fall back on some tried and true ways to get our inspiration back.

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Wanda beach in Sydney

Saying I love the ocean is almost an understatement. Growing up on the coast of Australia my childhood memories are made up of beachside moments; drawing pink zink across my nose, getting stung by blue bottles, rolling in the sand, my sweaty legs sticking to the seats of my dad’s old Kombi, the smell of coconut surfboard wax, and the feeling of wading out into the bay to buy a Calippo from the ice cream boat. Being away from it makes me feel homesick. Luckily though I can transport myself back there with these novels – all written by Aussies and capturing the beauty and hostility of their most important character, the ocean.