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Television shows based on books Ned Stark sits on the iron throne

Season six of Game of Thrones kicked off earlier this week and like so many others I can’t wait to find out what happens—for once I have no clue either because there are no books to guide me (for readers of the series WTF is going on in Dorne!). Anyhow the whole GOT excitement has had me thinking about other amazing TV shows based on books and so I thought I’d compile a list of ten of my favourites.

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Books to read on Valentine's Day

They say every piece of art ever created is in some way about love. And that’s because love—romantic or otherwise is really at the centre of human preoccupation, permeating every facet of our conscious and subconscious minds as we grapple with the challenge of knowing exactly what love actually is. One of the best ways to explore love is through reading and so I’ve put together 7 of my favourite novels on love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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cover of big book of christmas mysteries

It’s that time of year again and while our Christmases are meant to be merry and bright (and for some, white), if we’re honest with ourselves there’s probably been an occasion or two when, surrounded by drunk relatives, we’ve secretly harboured the desire to serve up the Christmas pudding with a side of poison.

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5 great nonfiction reads

When I was in a bookshop at Union Square a guy came up to me out of the blue and asked whether I preferred reading fiction or nonfiction. When I told him I preferred fiction he asked why.

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cute dinosaur and open book

When travelling recently I had the strongest sense that unlike dinosaurs physical books would always be around—that they would always have a place. Sure they have their own version of the meteorite—e-books, vooks, audiobooks and all things electronic and wordy that have been showering the earth for the last decade—but I think so far, they have proven resilient and fill a niche even in this new digital age we find ourselves in.

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Wanda beach in Sydney

Saying I love the ocean is almost an understatement. Growing up on the coast of Australia my childhood memories are made up of beachside moments; drawing pink zink across my nose, getting stung by blue bottles, rolling in the sand, my sweaty legs sticking to the seats of my dad’s old Kombi, the smell of coconut surfboard wax, and the feeling of wading out into the bay to buy a Calippo from the ice cream boat. Being away from it makes me feel homesick. Luckily though I can transport myself back there with these novels – all written by Aussies and capturing the beauty and hostility of their most important character, the ocean.